Through his passion for people and photography, Jesse Dyer travels the world with his camera and a portable printer. He loves to go to out of the way places such as India, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Peru. In these locations he looks for people who may not own any photographs of themselves.  Jesse loves to meet and interact with his subjects and he says that his most rewarding experience as a photographer is to give someone their first very first photograph. Jesse is inspired by many photographers, primarily the work of the iconic National Geographic photographer, Steve McCurry. It was in 2012, while living in Maui, that Jesse first discovered McCurry's work through his book, Portraits. This was the moment Jesse knew that he wanted to specialize in photographing people all around the world. Jesse has had his work published on National Geographic's Your Shot and he has a BA degree in World Languages and Cultures from California State University Monterey Bay. His work can be seen in the Haute Enchilada Gallery in Moss Landing California, on his website or on Instagram @jddyer1