These Two Boys

These two little boys, I will remember always. While visiting the city of Jaipur (known as the Pink City), in the northern Rajasthan state of India, we experienced many memorable things. We rode on beautifully painted Indian elephants up to "the Amber Fort," a World Heritage Site. I'll never forget how our elephant somehow knew that I had a banana in my backpack and when we got to the top she told the "driver" that she wanted it. How she knew that I had the banana and then communicated this to him, I will never know. No less unforgettable, at one point I found myself sitting next to a snake charmer on the busy streets of Jaipur. We traded hats and he tried to convince me to pet his cobra, which was rising up out of the basket in front of us. I told him that I would respectfully observe the animal from where I was sitting (about two feet away from the big, black, venomous snake!). The most memorable experience for myself, however, of our visit to Jaipur, was meeting these two boys. Jaipur is famous as a great place to shop, so everyone in our group was excited to see what kind of deals they could find. Our first shopping stop was at a store down a side street off of the main road. Since I am not a big shopper, I decided to stay outside in front of the store in hopes of finding some great subjects to photograph. These two little boys were hanging around and they were, sadly, very obviously street kids. I began to interact with them and was lucky enough that the father of one our local guides had stayed behind with me, so he was able to translate for me in Hindi. He told the boys that I wanted to take their picture and that I could give them a copy. They were classic little boys: silly, curious, funny and full of energy and about as dirty as two little boys can get. They seemed pretty happy with their 4X6 prints and I had my "translator" tell them to make sure not to lose the photos and to take them directly to their mother. I hope the photos made it home and that their mom was pleasantly surprised for them to show up with the pictures.

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